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Mistakes That Many Homeowners Make When Buying a High-Pressure Washer

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Mistakes That Many Homeowners Make When Buying a High-Pressure Washer

A high-pressure washer can be a great tool for any home, as it makes quick work of cleaning those upper stories of the house as well as the driveway, greasy tools, the deck, and just about any other surface that cannot be cleaned with a broom or standard wet rag. Using a high-pressure washer also means not having to balance on a ladder to clean your home’s eaves or windows. When you’re ready to buy a high-pressure washer, note a few mistakes that are all too common but which you’ll want to avoid to ensure you choose the right equipment for yourself. Not checking the nozzle You may not think that the nozzle of a pressure washer is very important, but these nozzles are usually different according to size and application. If you’re going to be using a very thick detergent with your pressure washer such as for cleaning greasy tools, you’ll need a nozzle with an opening wide enough to accommodate it. Some plastic nozzles are also not meant for hot water applications. Be sure you check the nozzle according to your use of the pressure washer and don’t overlook this seemingly unimportant part of the equipment. Thinking that bigger is better You want a pressure washer that will hold enough detergent for the job at hand and be strong enough to clean dirt and grime from your outdoor deck; however, one that is too big may be cumbersome and difficult to move around your property. You might also find that one with too much power is actually difficult for you to control; a commercial grade pressure washer might etch your driveway or damage the aluminum siding to your home if you’re not careful. Opt for the right size for your intended use, not just the largest or strongest model available. Not considering gas versus electric To save money, you might opt for an electric pressure washer or you may not feel comfortable storing gas on your property to refill your washer. However, an electric machine means extension cords that could sit in water puddles and be a shock hazard, and those cords get dirty and muddy every time you use the washer. You also may not be able to run all those cords to every part of your property where you want to use the pressure washer. An electric model is also usually less powerful, so it may not offer the actual pressure you need for bigger jobs. Remember that your pressure washer should be an investment that you’ll use for years to come, so consider upgrading to a gas-powered model even if it means a bit more cost. For more information, contact professionals like Jetwave Industrial...

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Important Things You Need for Taking Care of Your Vehicle’s Body

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Important Things You Need for Taking Care of Your Vehicle’s Body

Sometimes, waiting in line for your mechanic to repair your dent or paint your vehicle could be really time-consuming and expensive. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Why don’t you just fix up those dents and spray your car yourself? Think of all that time and money you could save if you had your own place and equipment. Therefore, if you own a vehicle and a spacious garage, below are a few things that you might need for taking care of your vehicle’s body. An Air Compressor This is a piece of equipment that converts power into pressurized or compressed air. It consists of a tank, electrical system, pressure gauge, and air outlet. What happens is that an electric motor pumps air into the storage tank until it reaches its compression limit. Instead of using spray cans, you can use this compressed air to power your spray guns. This would give you a more uniform and continuous flow of paint for your car. Furthermore, air compressors will allow you to regulate the intensity of paint on the body for different colour shades.    A Sander A sander is a device used to smoothen a vehicle’s body. It is made up of a sandpaper attached to a rotary pad. Some sanders come with pads of different sizes that are interchangeable, depending on the area you want to polish. These are the ones you should go for in order to avoid the cost of buying very many sanders. In case you own a bigger vehicle such as a truck, you could also get the dual sander with two rotary mechanisms so that you can cover more body area and work faster during polishing. A Great Body Filler Well, if you are going to be fixing dents and scratches then get yourself the best body filler. Your filler should be highly adhesive, durable, and safe for use. Since there are many brands out there, getting the right one will need a little bit of research. You can always seek recommendations from auto body shop owner and from other vehicle owners. Putty Knife and Lots of Paper This is just a small knife for cutting putty, but it can also be used to cut paper and other thin material. In addition, you are also going to need lots of paper to cover your windows, mirrors and garage floor during painting. You can get most of them from buying back old newspapers, magazines and...

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Environmental Regulations: Protect Yourself From Hefty Environmental Lawsuits

Posted by on Apr 1, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Environmental Regulations: Protect Yourself From Hefty Environmental Lawsuits

Environmental protection is nearly in every detail of the business world. Often, entrepreneurs find themselves at fault for breaking environmental laws they didn’t even know existed. Below are binding environmental issues to watch out for when you set out to your next business venture.  The Recycling Venture Recycling is one way of protecting the environment, but a recycling business can be in violation of environmental regulations if conducted the wrong way. If you plan to invest in the recycling industry, for example by opening a waste removal business, then you must be in the know of all the environmental rules and regulations. First, it’s important to identify what type of waste you will collect, and what you won’t collect. Next, you must clearly spell it out for your clients in the contract. The type of waste materials you handle can attract some hefty fines if managed inappropriately. For example, asbestos and some industrial chemicals are extreme environment pollutants and attract stringent environment regulations. Sinking Water Bores Sinking a water bore requires licensing to access the water, dig it up, and use the water after the bore has been constructed. It is your duty to ensure that the company you contract to construct a bore for you has licensing to operate. Groundwater contamination will be a major hindrance if you sink a bore without prior proper inspection. Ensure groundwater assessment is carried out sufficiently to ensure water within your area is safe for consumption. Factors you should watch out for to determine the possible risk that a bore would be contaminated include nearby landfills, reported chemical spills, underground storage tanks, and soil contamination alerts. Realtors Before you celebrate the big discount on the property offer, you are targeting, check out if there are any environmental liabilities. Land or housing on land that is contaminated will likely lead to the closure of any projects you plan to carry out. Ensure you carry out necessary soil testing and overall due diligence of the environment. You can also ask for any reports done previously to help you assess the status of the property. Also, carrying out a clean-up process is an option for you, if you still want a piece of land with environmental liabilities. Consult an environmental consultant, and be guided on how to manage securely any liabilities. Environmental protection laws and regulations are binding. Failing to pay attention to the details will lead to great damage and hefty losses. It is critical to know and adhere to environmental laws that govern your industry of...

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How to Ensure Your Commercial Building Passes a Fire Inspection

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Ensure Your Commercial Building Passes a Fire Inspection

Are you unsure whether your commercial building will be cleared after a fire inspection is conducted? Read on and discover some checks that you can conduct yourself to increase the chances of passing the building inspection. Stairs and Hallways Stairs, aisles, and hallways provide a way for people to escape in case there is a fire outbreak. You should therefore check and confirm that these places are free from any obstructions (such as old HVAC units). Such obstacles can impede or even injure people who are fleeing during an emergency. Your Street Address The tag identifying your street address at the front of the building is very important. The information there helps to guide first responders during a fire outbreak.  The address should therefore be clearly visible so that emergency workers can easily locate the building in case they are called. The building inspector can easily sanction you in case the address is not visible. Hazardous Materials Do you have an emergency generator in the premises? Do you keep its fuel safely? For example, the fuel containers should not be stacked in a corner of one of the offices because there is a higher risk of injury to room occupants if that fuel accidentally ignites. You should therefore ensure that any hazardous materials (such as flammable chemicals or gases) within your building are stored according to municipal guidelines. Fire Detection and Suppression Systems Are all fire extinguishers situated in places where they can be accessed easily during an emergency? Are they in an operable condition? Do you have a sprinkler system? Do you have the service records of that sprinkler system? These questions will help you to ensure that the building inspector does not note any defect in your fire detection or suppression system. Take steps to ensure that nothing is amiss. For example, you can have all fire extinguishers with rusted nozzles replaced with functional units. Electrical Systems Make sure that all power outlets have cover plates. Confirm that all circuits within the panel are clearly labeled. You should also make sure that the recommended clearance around electrical panels is maintained so that emergency workers have unfettered access to the panels when the need arises. Any appliances that generate heat (such as boilers) should be serviced at the recommended intervals. The service records should be available for perusal by the fire inspector. Conduct your own mock fire inspection before the fire inspector arrives. That mock inspection will enable you to rectify any anomalies that may make your commercial building to fail the fire...

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Stop Thieves From Stealing Your AC Unit With These Tips

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Stop Thieves From Stealing Your AC Unit With These Tips

Unfortunately, in some cases, air conditioning unit can be tempting to thieves. They may not need the cooling power, but they can rip them apart and sell the copper, aluminium and compressors. Luckily, there are ways to keep your AC unit safe from criminals. 1. Encase it in a fence in a cage. To protect your outdoor air conditioner unit, surround it with a small fence so that thieves cannot easily take it. To make it even more secure, buy a cage made specifically for AC units, place it above your unit and lock it in place. Ideally, to provide the most protection, the cage should be cemented to the ground or too heavy to lift. 2. Update the security in the rest of your yard. In addition to fencing in your AC unit, consider updating the security throughout the rest of your yard as well. Trim bushes near the AC unit that would provide a criminal with a place to hide, and consider planting pointed, inhospitable plants around it as a deterrent. Finally, add a motion-activated security camera near your AC unit, or find one that can pan your AC unit as well as other parts of your yard or back door. 3. Add an AC alarm. You can buy special security alarms for your AC unit, and there are a range of products available. You can invest in a pressure sensitive alarm that if engaged calls four different phone numbers and sounds a siren. You can also buy alarms that connect to your home’s main alarm system and alert you or the monitoring service if someone is near your AC unit. Finally, you can buy alarms that monitor the area for thieves but that also do other tasks. For example, you can buy AC alarms that alert you if the refrigerant line is cut or damaged. 4. Lock the disconnect box. Every large outside AC unit has a disconnect box. This box contains the switch that allows you to disconnect the AC from the main power supply. In order to work on your AC unit, repair professionals will need to access the disconnect box so that they can shut off the power and avoid electrocution, and in most cases, this box is right next to the unit. However, thieves who want to pull valuable metals out of your AC unit also don’t want to be electrocuted, and as a result, they will typically turn off the power. If you make that impossible by locking the disconnect box, they will likely move to the next house. For more tips on protecting your AC from theft or vandalism, talk with an AC...

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How To Keep Your Bamboo Decking Non-Slip

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Keep Your Bamboo Decking Non-Slip

Bamboo makes a great choice for a decking material.  As well as being durable, it looks great and is easy to maintain.  But just like composites or wood, bamboo decking can become slippery during wet weather.  However, a slippery deck is easy to remedy; read on to find out more. What causes slippery bamboo decking? The main factor that causes slipperiness is the growth of plants like moss, algae and mildew.  These invaders may go unnoticed during the dry summer months, but as soon as it rains, they can turn your deck into a skating rink.  How can you prevent this? The most effective way to combat this problem is by keeping your decking clean.  Once every week during the summer time, use a stiff decking brush to sweep away any loose dirt and debris.  This will keep your decking looking smart and will also dislodge any plants that might be trying to colonise the planks.  Mosses and algae grow most vigorously in an environment where the pH is between 5.0 and 6.0.  Therefore, by raising the pH level to 7 or above, you will kill off any existing plants and discourage windborne spores from germinating on your decking.  To do this, you’ll need to carry out a little routine maintenance twice each year as follows: In the spring and autumn, wash the decking down using a solution of washing-up liquid and warm water, applied using a scrubbing brush.  Hose the decking clean and then allow it to dry out.   Make up a solution of baking soda and warm water and decant it into a large garden sprayer.   Liberally spray the decking with the baking soda and water solution.  Leave the application to work for a short while, but don’t allow it to dry out.   Rinse the decking using clean water. Mosses, algae and mildew thrive in damp, dark places.  If you have lush vegetation or trees that overhang the decking, placing it in perpetual shade, you might want to consider cutting these permanent shade-providers back and replacing them with a removable shade sail or canopy.  Simply exposing the decking area to full sun once or twice a week can be enough to kill existing plants and make the environment too harsh for new ones to colonise. If your bamboo decking has an access ramp or steps leading up to it, you might want to consider having abrasive strips applied to combat slipperiness during wet weather.  Your local bamboo decking supplier will be able to carry out this work for you. In conclusion You can easily combat the problem of slippery decking by following the guidelines above.  For further information and assistance, have a chat with your local bamboo decking...

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Common Reasons for Water Pump Failure

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Common Reasons for Water Pump Failure

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to use a water pump. You can use it to circulate water in your swimming pool or backyard fish pond, to irrigate your small garden, to water your lawn, and so forth. Sadly, many homeowners usually fail to enjoy optimal service from their water pumps because of premature breakdowns that result in downtime. While it is perfectly normal for all water pumps to experience functional failure at some point, most of the glitches that are associated with these pumps can be prevented. Here are some things you should avoid if you intend to obtain a water pump. Choosing a pump of wrong capacity A water pump that is too large in size can damage the filter, especially if the impeller is not proportionately oversized.  Pump cavitation, which usually causes damage to internal components such as the impeller, is another likely consequence of using oversized water pumps. On the other hand, choosing a water pump that runs on less than the required horsepower can lead to overloading. Overloading is a sign that internal components of the pump, e.g., bearings, are getting worn and they will need to be replaced. Not running the pump as required Every water pump has specifications regarding how long you should run it for particular applications. For those price-sensitive pump users who think that running water pumps too little is an effective strategy to cut on their energy bills, the amount of damage caused to their pumps may be more expensive than the cost of extra kilowatts of electricity they’re trying to save. Failure to allow all the water time to pass through the pump filter can lead to entry of foreign elements such as soil and gravel that may end up damaging the pump. Likewise, running the pump too long may cause undue strain on the water pump motor. This will cause your pump to burn out faster and call for replacement of parts or the complete unit. Failure to clean the pump strainer on a regular basis Just like your kitchen sink strainer, the strainer basket in your water pump is there to trap debris that may harm your pump, but it needs to be cleared out thoroughly. Failure to do so will result in poor filtration, which will in turn lead to decreased water flow. The pump basket needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep your pump running in tiptop...

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How to Make Your Business Signs Memorable

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Make Your Business Signs Memorable

People are bombarded with very many business signs on a daily basis. This makes it very hard for any individual business sign to stand out from that huge “forest” of signs. This article discusses some measures that you can discuss with your business sign writing company like Landells Signs so that the sign of your restaurant is memorable. Make Something “Wrong” with the Sign Many people easily take note of something that they see as “off” in some way. You should exploit this opportunity by designing a business sign that has something that appears to be wrong with it. For instance, you can create a business sign that has letters that dramatically vary in size. An example is if the first letter is printed in font 80 while the next is less than half that size. That unique patterning of letter sizes may make that sign memorable to your target clients. Make the Sign Contrast with the Surroundings Another way to come up with a very captivating restaurant sign is to find ways to make that sign contrast sharply with its surroundings. For instance, the building housing your restaurant may have been painted using green paint. You can make your restaurant sign contrast with that green background by choosing to write that sign using bright yellow paint. This will make the sign stand out immediately. Another colour that may stand out strongly against that green background is snow white. Make the Sign to Look Exaggerated You may also make the business sign of your restaurant unforgettable by making it appear exaggerated in some way. For instance, instead of using a board for the signage, why not make life-size letters that you stick into the ground? The huge letters sticking into the ground may become a landmark that people refer to when giving directions. This will draw a lot of attention to your restaurant. Thus, your business sign may attract more clients if it is exaggerated in some way. Some of the suggestions above may not appear to be practicable in your specific circumstances. For instance, your restaurant may be in a congested location where it is not possible to stick huge letters into the ground. However, that should not discourage you from trying. Use the ideas above as a starting point for you to brainstorm the different techniques that you can use to make a memorable sign that will attract attention. The sign writing company you hire may offer you practical ways to achieve...

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The Benefits of Growing Plants With Hydroponics

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Benefits of Growing Plants With Hydroponics

Hydroponics refers to growing plants in a water solution rather than in soil. The water solution is treated with additives that give plants the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. A hydroponics system often involves a long growing canal or tube that allows the water solution to wash over the roots of plants. If you’ve never heard of hydroponics, note a few benefits from this type of growing system so you can determine if it might be the right choice for your gardening and plants. 1. Absolute control of climate When you grow vegetation with hydroponics in your basement or an outside building, you can control the climate in ways that you cannot when you plant in soil. Outside, you cannot control when it rains or for how long and cannot control how the temperature may rise and fall. However, in an indoor growing environment, you can control the humidity, the temperature, the amount of light that plants get, and every other factor that affects their growth. 2. More growing space When planting a garden outside, you can only plant as much vegetation as you have ground space. Once your vegetables fill up your garden and you’ve planted in every pot you own, you typically have little choice for growing anything else. Hydroponics give you more growing space because you can vertically stack PVC or other growing tubes in your basement, in a shed, or even along a garage wall. These only need to be spaced far apart enough to allow plants to grow to their full height. If you are a serious gardener but don’t have the yard space to plant everything you want, hydroponics can give you the area you need. 3. Variety of vegetation One challenge that many gardeners face is trying to grow a variety of plants and flowers in the same soil. Some plants may do well with less watering and hydration, while others may need more moisture. Trying to treat your soil so that it will support both desert cacti and tropical flowers can be difficult, but hydroponics allows you this type of control. You might grow your tropical plants in an outdoor shed that you can keep warm and moist, and then grow your dessert cacti in a tube or canal that you have attached next to your garage, where the plants will get full sunlight. Being able to adjust the nutrients that each type of growing canal or feeder gets also allows you to grow a variety of plants and vegetation with...

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Deep Sea Fishing Charter

A deep sea fishing charter can let you enjoy time on the water without having to worry about manning the boat or worrying about finding the best fishing spots and your way back to shore. If you’ve never hired a deep sea fishing charter before, you need to ensure you know everything involved and what’s included. Never assume anything about such a charter, but note a few important questions to ask before hiring such a company. 1. Can you split the charter with someone else? Most deep sea charter companies will have a maximum number of persons they can take with each trip and will usually charge you a flat fee even if you don’t have that many people in your group. You may then wonder if you can split the charter with another group so that you each share the cost. Not all charters will arrange this for you; if you can find other friends who want to share the boat then the charter company may not be concerned with how you split the cost between you, but don’t assume they’ll make these arrangements between customers themselves. 2. How many deckhands are there and should they be tipped? Very often a deep sea charter will include just one deckhand in addition to the captain, but some will not have anyone come along other than the captain himself or herself. These ones may expect to be tipped, so it’s good to know how many persons will be on the boat and if tipping is included in your contract. If not, you should bring some extra cash for everyone on the boat, or at least for the captain alone. 3. Can it be specified what type of fish you’ll catch? If there is a certain type of fish you prefer to find when on the water, a deep sea fishing charter may know of where schools of that fish may be found, but don’t assume this can be done. Very often fish move around over a large section of the ocean and cannot always be found even in their favorite feeding spots, and outside factors like the weather and time of year can also affect where they congregate. While it’s good to talk about your preferences, it may be best to let the captain find the most populous schools of fish for you so that you are more likely to catch something while on the water. For more information, contact a business such as Fishing Offshore...

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